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Ornamental Fences

Ornamental fences have a long tradition of beautifying landscapes, often without creating a barrier of any consequence. However, the decorative aspects of ornamental fences, even those which are only a couple of feet tall, are unsurpassed. Taller steel fences offer strength, as well as beauty.

Not every fence is for security, though they will always provide a small amount of protection even if that isn’t their intention. Ornamental fences and gates are fences that are installed more for appearance's sake than for their utility. There are two major types of decorative fences and ornamental gates: wrought iron, and wooden ornamental fences.

Wrought Iron Ornamental Fencing

Wrought iron, or cast iron, is a decorative fencing style made out of an iron alloy that contains very little carbon. The result is that wrought iron is tough, malleable, ductile, corrosion-resistant and easily welded. The Eiffel Tower in France is made out of this material. Sometimes wrought iron ornamental fences are used interchangeably with cast iron decorative fences, even though they have a higher carbon rate.

The most common use of wrought iron ornamental fencing is a “picket” style, with rods often extending over the top and usually involve elaborate arrowhead designs. The decorative gates that go along with these types of fences are very detailed and customizable.

The Aluminum Alternative

Alternative is the best word to describe using aluminum for your ornate fencing project, while it may have some superiorities over the wrought iron, it’s limited in design options, and doesn’t have the same wide variety of design options and is short of the regal elegance that the wrought iron has. But, by no means does it look cheap, and offers up a more modern appearance than the wrought iron does.

Wood Ornamental Fences And Gates

On the other side of the style guide are wooden fences. From the classic white picket version on up, there are dozens of different variations and styles in wooden fencing. The white picket fence can be upgraded to a full privacy fence, and even put in a shadow-box pattern.

A shadow box pattern is the same as a standard picket fence, but offset, which allows for full privacy. The result is an in and out design that resembles a shadow box. There is also the lattice fence styles, which is thinner wood combined in a crisscross pattern that can be added as an ornamental detail, or used as the fence itself.

Both styles are available in all sorts of sizes, heights, types of wood, and it’s even possible to have them in any color you’d like.

Vinyl--An Alternative To Wood

Vinyl is a form of plastic that is a lot easier to deal with than ornamental wood fencing is. It’s cheaper to acquire, to maintain, install, etc. It can have all the visual appeal of wood and can come in a variety of colors. The downsides to vinyl ornamental gates and fences, at least compared to wood, is that they’re not as sturdy, and bends and dents are bound to show up over time.

No matter what your fencing needs and limitations are, an ornamental fence and gate are definitely within your reach to have a gorgeous landscape project completed with your ideal fence design.