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Fence Installation Ricelake, WI

When it’s time to build a new fence, let the leaders in the industry at Pro Fence help you create the fence of your dreams. Their friendly team can construct a fence which meets the needs of your home or business, will fit your budget, be completed on time, and will beautify your property in a way you never thought possible.

Purposes Of Fencing

Fencing of any type creates security. The primary purpose of a security fence may be to keep thieves, vagrants, curious teens, and vandals away.

Fences can create privacy or offer visibility, depending on the needs of the business or homeowner. Also, a fence can provide a barrier to reduce unwanted wind and noise. Or, it can keep children and pets from running into the road or wandering away.

And, of course, fences can define property boundaries between businesses or residential neighbors, thereby avoiding unnecessary disputes or lawsuits.

Commercial And Industrial Fences

Some commercial and industrial properties are required by law to have fences which provide security and protect the public. Adequate fencing will not only offer this protection, but it can also protect the business from prying eyes and liability while it satisfies the legal requirements.

In the case of prisons, zoos, and livestock areas, fencing can create an added confinement barrier. Fences will keep the public and animals out of industrial sectors, amusement parks, airfields, and construction sites.

Residential Fences

In addition to security, here are some other positive aspects of adding a fence to a residence:

Beauty. In addition to security, new technology has paved the way to make even the most simple fence into a beautiful addition to a home. A well-built fence will increase both the property value and the curb appeal, making it a worthwhile investment.

Noise reduction. Fencing can also provide a noise barrier, to block construction or road sounds or other noises which may disturb the home’s occupants.

Safety for children and pets. A residential fence can keep children and pets from wandering off. The ideal fence should be tall enough to prevent jumping and climbing, and may even need to have additional deterrent below ground to keep animals from digging beneath the fence. Other types of fencing can be used to create outdoor rooms, such as sectioned-off vegetable garden, a children’s play area or a dog run.

Pool Fences Or Pool Barriers

Regardless of whether it’s residential or commercial, fencing a pool can prevent tragedies which can take place in mere seconds. While research shows that a five-foot wrought iron fence is the safest pool barrier, there are other types of fence which may be more suitable for the landscaping. Sometimes, it’s necessary to work with the customer to find an option which blends well with their home landscape and budget while providing the appropriate security.

Electronic Gates

Electronic gates create a secure barrier while still offering automatic access control to authorized personnel. They can be remotely controlled and monitored, complete with vehicle detection and free exit options. Regardless of the type of gate, electronic mechanisms negate the potential for lax security as the result of a gate being accidentally left open.

Motorized gate operators offer security as well as access without the inconvenience of having to open and close a gate manually. Motorized gates are convenient for businesses, rural or agricultural applications, and residential gates.

Cantilever gates grant automatic electronic entry without the need for a wheel or a v-track on the ground, making them ideal for those areas where snow or other motion-restrictive conditions are likely. They’re also one of the options available for driveways which don’t have the clearance for swing gate operation.